We envision Winds of Change as a sustainable program whereby: 

Once operational, 100% of each donation from Canada will go directly to the execution of the local program in Nicaragua. We have partnered with a Canadian based charity, SOS “Students Offering Support”, to manage local donations and provide logistics support for travel. We envision using a range of communication strategies and partnerships to promote individual donations (e.g. Sleeping Children bed kits, Buy a Village a Cow), and corporate gifting (e.g. “In lieu of a corporate Christmas cards and gifts we are funding 20 wells in Nicaragua in our client’s name”)

A micro financing program will be set up with assistance from our local partner in Nicaragua, Seeds of Learning, to allow farmers to “rent to own” their windmill. Proceeds from the sale of increased agricultural yields will pay back the initial investment. Payments made by the farmers will remain in the community to fund complementary programs managed by Seeds of Learning.

Start-up and ongoing overhead program costs will be paid by a select group of sponsors in Canada. 


Start-Up Financing:

We have raised approximately $40,000 of start up capital from friends and family, crowd funding and corporate donations. To date $29,000 has been invested in tools, building materials, communications, and travel subsidies for the university students. We have been VERY fortunate to have received a sizeable corporate donation from Lush Handmade Cosmetics as part of their "Charity Pot" initiative. This innovative program encourages Lush employees to research and champion projects that align with Lush's charitable efforts to support 

Documentary Sponsor: 

To tell the Winds of Change story, and to support ongoing fundraising and awareness we are producing a high quality documentary film. It will tell the story of Pedro Arauz and the impact that the Winds of Change initiative is having on the hopes and dreams for the community.  We are fortunate to be supported in our efforts by award winning Nicaraguan film company Camila Films. During our trip in January 2016, Frank Pineda, Director of Photography/Camerman, and Camila Pineda, Sound and Camera Assistant captured very special images and interviews. The documentary is being written and directed by Gemini Award winning journalist Erin Paul. Release is targeted for the spring of 2016. Additional funding will be required to complete post production and support distribution and showing.