This week five of us will travel to Nicaragua to check-in on the progress with the windmill in January 2016 and irrigation systems installed this past February. But its not the equipment we're eager to see, its our friends. Four out of group have been before - Erin Paul, my kids Andrew and Sarah, and me. For Erin's daughter, Alexandra, it will be a first, not only travelling to Nicaragua but her first experience in the developing world. At the age of twelve I suspect it will be an impactful trip - as it was for Sarah and Andrew in 2015.

Working locally with the team from Seeds of Learning we will visit three villages in need of assistance: El Jicarito, El Triunfo, and Ciudadela San Martin. Projects include school construction & refurbishment, community gardens with windmills and irrigation, and related training. We will profile these projects in upcoming blog posts and will call upon our friends and family to support us in any way you can.