Compassionate Eye adds Winds of Change to its Giving Back Program in 2017

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Welcome to the last issue of In Focus for 2017. It’s hard to believe I just wrote those words as it feels like we were just welcoming this eventful year. As always, CEF has been a rich full experience for everyone involved. This year saw Board members coming and (unfortunately) leaving. Thanks to the dedication of those who decided to join us and those who have moved to other commitments after making a valuable contribution to CEF.  We have recommitted to existing partners and started a relationship with two new partners.

These partners are the Frances G. Cosco Foundation working in Ethiopia, and Winds of Change working in Nicaragua. We have taken up some exciting goals on generating revenue in new ways and completed some wonderful shoots in Canada, Spain and the UK this year. All in all, we are very excited about the year just ending, and the years to come. Thanks to everyone involved in volunteering, and to Getty for their ongoing and steadfast support. Best of the season to everyone in the Compassionate Eye family.

--Dan Rogers, Chair, CEF Board of Directors

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