It Works: Installing the First Windmill

GREAT NEWS! The first Wind Mill from Winds of Change is in place. There were some moments of excitement, but it's up! Congratulations John ShoustAmy BiltonWayne ScottJulian Guevara, our friends in Pedro Arauz and the great team of engineers from the University of Toronto.

Over the past seven days the team from University of Toronto has worked along side the people of Pedro Arauz to turn basic materials from the local hardware supply store into an innovative new way to irrigate the community garden. When the water began to flow from the pipe there was a collective cheer and sigh of relief. As the wind was quite strong we were also able to witness the newly designed automatic break kick in an disengage the rotor when the wind hit the threshold. 

While there is still work to do to prove that the design can sustain its performance over time, we can enjoy success at this important milestone!