Crowd Funding Campaign Started August 19th

What is Winds of Change?
In collaboration with the University of Toronto, Winds of Change is a not-for-profit initiative that as designed a windmill for small scale irrigation. Windmills can be built from locally sourced materials and assembled on site for a cost of less than $500 CDN.
The approach of Winds of Change is to offer the design, engineering assistance and micro-loans  allow farmers to deploy and maintain windmills on their land. Windmills will be used to pump small amounts of water from existing wells to support sustainable farming practices including micro -irrigation. 

  • We will collect charitable donations in Canada to create a funding pool. 
  • Farmers will apply for a small loan to pay for a windmill, either on their own or in cooperation with a neighbour
  • Re-payment of the loan will be made possible through the sale of surplus fruits, vegetables and eggs at the local market
  • The revenue from re-payments will be managed by our local NGO partner, Seeds of Learning, to fund other projects in the community, creating secondary benefits

Before we can start accepting donations to fund windmills we need to install the prototype
near the school and community centre in Pedro Arauz. The community well is fitted with a simple hand operated rope pump made with a bicycle wheel (pictured above). In October, together with our local friends, we will build the prototype on a foundation we built last May. Once installed, the windmill will pump water into an elevated storage tank, currently being built by the community,  from which the community will irrigate the shared garden. 

Campaign Goal
This campaign will help offset travel costs for our team of students from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. We currently have wo student teams f four students each hat are refining the design and testing the innovative braking and power transfer systems conceived by the 2014/2015 team. We need to raise $5,000 to subsidize our next trip to Nicaragua with each student personally contributing $600. Costs include airfare from Toronto to Managua; food and lodging coordinated by our local partner; and materials costs for the first windmill.  

Once the design has been proven, Winds of Change will work towards becoming a "100% Charity". This means that 100% of charitable contributions will go to the local community. Through our partnership with a Canadian based charity called Students Offering Support (SOS), donations will be tax deductible in Canada. Ongoing overhead costs, including travel expenses, will be paid by the founders and select private donations.

Call to Action:

The crowd funding campaign is hosted by Indiegogo - its easy to use. It will end on October 17th. 

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2) If you have suggestions for media coverage, and others who may be interested in helping us promote our efforts, please let me know! Lets spread the word. 

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Twitter: @CaWindsofchange