2015-2016 Team Kick-off Meeting Success!

Today we had a chance to meet on the grounds of University of Toronto and brainstorm with our two new teams formed to take on this years Winds of Change project challenges.  

As a result of last years success with our U of Toronto partnership we have formed two new teams to tackle the 2015-2016 design challenges.  

Last year we successful design and implemented much of the Winds of Change windmill prototype. Our new teams will be assigned to the task of further developing and testing of the Braking Systems and the Power Train.  With these focused assignments we hope to have a successful build on our upcoming trip in October 2015.  

This work combined with the work currently underway in Nicaragua among the community on a new water storage tower will provide the community with an ongoing reserve of water in preparation for the dry season.

Stay tuned as we will be pushing hard for the next two months to complete the design.

John Shoust - WOC Co-founder