Building Foundations in Nicaragua - 2015

About one year ago, we started Winds of Change with the goal to help farmers in rural Nicaragua grow more food through improved irrigation of their land. With help from the University of Toronto Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering w now have a design and a prototype for a low cost windmill that can be built from locally sourced materials for a cost of less than $400 CDN.

Background information about the project can be found at

On May 15th, seven of us will return to Pedro Arauz with the objectives to

  • Assess and prepare the readiness of local suppliers and the community for the first installation
  • Build the concrete foundation for the prototype windmill
  • Evaluate potential sites for future installations
  • Provide continuity to build relationships with the communit - relationships are the foundation of future success

Travelling on this trip will be the Winds of Change leadership team: John Shoust, Dr. Amy Bilton, Wayne Scott and me - as well as John's son Ethan (6) and my kids Andrew (14) and Sarah (11). They will be assisting with interviewing local families and building community relationships.

Once we have proven the concept, our goal is to set up a sustainable rent-to-own funding model to assist farmers in the community to install more windmills. our donation can make that idea a reality. If you would like to contribute to this effort, you can make a tax deductible donation to the project via our Canadian charity partner, Students Offering Support (SOS) at:

Our colleagues in Nicaragua have sent us a list of high priority items that are needed in the community. If you have items from this list that you would like us to take, please let me know before May 8th so that we can arrange to collect them. Unless otherwise specified, items can be new or second-hand (gently-used). 

· Storybooks in Spanish
· Board games, such as: Monopoly, Guess Who?, Snakes and Ladders, Connect Four, Sequence, Spot It, chess, checkers, pick-up sticks, Macula, Jenga, Bingo, Candy Land. We prefer that word-based games are in Spanish.
· Decks of cards and card games (Uno, etc).
· Building blocks and Legos
· Crafts materials (water colours, tempera, beads, etc.)
· Laptops (older models are fine, but we are in particular need of two machines that can support Windows 7)
· Android tablets
· Two smartphones
· 1 LCD screen
· External hard drive
· Portable LED Multimedia projector with HDMI port
· Dash cam
· Semi-professional digital camera (such as Nikon Coolpix L330)

Upon our return we will arrange an information session and trip debrief for those who are keen to get involved. Please let me know if you'd like to be on the invite list for such an event in June -  date and venue yet to be determines.

Muchas gracias

Roberto Scott
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