Building on proven success...


The idea behind Winds of Change is not new. As part of our background research we came upon this solution that was developed in cooperation with the Dutch several years ago. The video provides an excellent summary of the need that skill exists in rural Nicaragua even with the success of this innovative, low cost, wind powered pump.

An innovative low-cost windmill for water pumping used in Nicaragua for small-scale irrigation, cattle watering and domestic use. The design is based on a Dutch model developed by CWD consultancy wind energy developing countries. The windmill drives a rope pump, similar to the hand rope pump of which 70.000 are installed in Nicaragua. Of the wind rope pump, up to now, 400 have been installed, produced by the enterprise AMEC in Managua.

The technology was transferred from the Netherlands to Nicaragua through Dutch development aid, funded by the development agencies SNV and ICCO. More information: and More info on, the open source for water and sanitation.